Handmade cards   チャリティーに向けてのカード作り☆



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I made many cards yesterday. I say "many" but it's all relative, many comparing to other days. I think I made 9 cards yesterday and that's probably a record or close to that.

Around midnight, I decided to make a few "simple thank-you cards". I was trying to make 4 of them but after completing 2 I thought "I'm feeling very tired now, I probably should go to bed....". I looked at the time and it was 4.00am.

My husband says he never loses track of the time but I do, my Mum often says I used to be in my little world and wouldn't hear her when I was reading a book since I was very little and my husband says the same. Some of my friends would say "We women can multi task but men cannot, can they?". Well, I have great concentration but was never good at multi-tasking.

So, these cards look so simple, right? It took me nearly 4 hours. (I do have 2 more cards prepared halfway.) It is quite simple and doesn't take too much time to cut the hearts and stamp the sentiment once you choose which paper to use. However, it took me forever to adhere the 3D form tapes - if you don't use enough of them around the hearts they'll sag and I also use a lot of 3D forms all over because I would hate them to arrive with some dents at the recipients. Such a simple task can take a long time. Something only crafters would be able to appreciate.

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