Flowers from a Friend   お友達からのお花☆

今回の香港行きは、日曜日のわたしのお誕生日に合わせて夫が予約を入れてくれた旅行でした。夫が一緒でしたので数少なくなったまだ香港におられるお友達にもお目にかかることは出来なかったのですが、1日目の夕食を『味十味』でいただいたので、madame okamiさんにはお目にかかることが出来ました。夫も何度も会っているので翌日お茶をご一緒させていただく予定だったのですが、急な御用が出来て急遽日本に帰られたのでお茶は出来なくなりました。初日にお店に伺ってお目にかかれて良かった、と思っていたら、翌日、お買い物から戻ったホテルのお部屋にお誕生日のお祝いのフラワーアレンジメントが届いていました。



The trip to Hong Kong was very short and I was with my husband so I wasn't able to see any of the friends I have left (not many any more) in Hong Kong but we had dinner at Ajitomi on our first evening so I was able to see the owner/chef, who is also a good friend of mine. We were going to have tea on the following day but something important came up and she had to fly to Japan on the following day. I was glad we had dinner there as I would have missed seeing her.

On the following day when we got back to the hotel room from shopping, there was a flower arrangement with a Happy Birthday message from her! I don't know how she managed to make such an arrangement when she had to fly to Japan with such a short notice. Thank you!

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