Meals on the Weekend   週末の食事☆

土曜日に夫が作ってくれたディナーをアップするのを忘れていました。『Homemade with Love』から Beef Spezzatino(ビーフシチュー)。これまで作ったビーフシチューとは作り方が違っていて、ビーフと人参をお鍋に入れたらにんにくとバターを入れてオリーブオイルをかけてベイリーフも楽してから火にかけて、中火から強火でそのまま触らず15分焼き付けるそうです。その後からワインを足してトマトなども足しゆっくり1時間煮るのですが、出来上がりはいたって普通のトマト風味のビーフシチューでした(笑)。ビーフシチューも作り方がたくさんあってわたしもしょっちゅう何かしら変えたりするのですが、出来上がりは以外とあまり変わらないような気がします。つまりは、どう作ってもある程度美味しく出来る嬉しい一品。






The dinner my husband cooked on Saturday for dinner was "Beef Spezzatino"(Beef Stew) from the cookery book "Homemade with Love". The recipe is quite different from many beef stew recipes I've seen. You place beef and carrots in a heavy bottomed deep skillet, sprinkle garlic and pieces of butter over them, drizzle olive oil , add bay leaf then turn the flame onto medium-high heat and cook without stirring for 15 minutes before adding wine etc. However the end result seemed very similar to many "tomatoey beef stew". This is what I often find. You try different reicpes, tweak here and there but somehow beef stew seems to taste similar to each other - some more tomatoey than winey or a little difference here and there but not a huge difference. It was very nice but I wouldn't have guessed it was cooked so differently.

My husband was very curious what "Japanese Spaghetti Napolitana" was like so I made it on Sunday for lunch. He seemed to have liked it very much.