Handmade cards   チャリティーに向けてのカード作り☆





Ref: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/164099980149894651/

I haven't been making cards very often for quite a while now. I think I stopped making them after my Mum was critically ill last year - I was in Japan for about 2 months at this same time of year and I didn't have a chance to make any at first and then it sort of made me less enthusiastic even when I came back. The same thing happened in March this year again. Worrying about her didn't help when I got back and also some friends who used to come to make cards have left Singapore. I think that the more you do something creative the more inspiration and enthusiasm you get and the opposite is also true. Somehow, I seem to have lost the mojo.

A friend of mine who runs a restaurant in Hong Kong hosts a charity lunch and bazaar once a year in November/December to raise money for the victims of the big earthquake in northern Japan in 2011, and I had an e-mail from her asking if I would send some things to her. 2 years ago I sent about 100 cards but last year I wasn't able to. I'd like to contribute some this year so I started production - it took a long time to actually start making them but I have made some in the last few days.