Shopping in Japan   日本でのお買い物☆






For some reason, I've been having migraines for about a week. I started taking painkillers in time when I feel one starting, so it hasn't gone really bad, but it does make me feel unwell and takes a lot of energy out of me. I was able to enjoy having nice meals out with my husband but didn't feel good enough to do much shopping, which is a shame as I was looking forward to the opportunity. Still, we did get a new pair of running shoes for my husband - VERY bright - and my new MacBook. My husband says his new running shoes felt really good when he ran with them for the first time yesterday morning, and I like my new MacBook, which is much smaller and lighter than my old one. Whenever we do shopping in Japan, we are always impressed how professional the shop assistants are here.

Other than that, most of my shopping was done on the internet - not as much fun but very convenient.