Marrakesh   マラケシュ☆






We decided to have a holiday in Marrakesh as a special celebration holiday for my husband's big birthday this year about a year ago and booked flights and accomodation in April. At the time I spent hours reading guidebooks and internet information about hotels and restaurants in Marrakesh and bookmarked many of them, but didn't do much after that thinking we have so much time. All of a sudden it's now only a month away and I need to make lots of decisions!!

I thought the foods in Marrakesh would be wonderful but after reading a lot of information it seems to be that the foods at home there is very good but not in restaurants for visitors. I know they aren't all genuine but all the restaurants have so many extremely bad reviews, which makes it difficult to decide which ones to choose. Hopefully we'll be having most meals with our friends (as8 friends are coming to join us there) so it's not just for my husband and I, such a pressure!