Vegetable Curry   野菜カレー☆






It's already October - only 3 months left this year!

The haze is still pretty awful. A friend of mine cancelled her visit to make cards because she lost her voice, many people are having some sort of effect from this haze.

I asked my husband what he wants me to cook for dinner and his answer was "Curry!", so I made a vegetable curry. It's something between Japanese and India. I add cumin, coriander, clove, chilli power, turmeric, curry powder as well as garlic and ginger. When the onion becomes soft and sweet I add some of a tin tomato, cinnamon & bay leaf and cook it down before adding some chicken stock and water. After cooking it for a while I add some Japanese curry roux and let it simmer for 10 minutes or so. I cook vegetables in boiling water and when they are cooked I add all to the curry, let it cook a little, add some garam masala and it's done. I also added some mango chutney - sometimes I add some grated apple or apricot jam or something sweet.

For vegetables, today, I used onion (thick slices later as well as minced at the beginning), carrot, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and green beans. Sometimes I add aubergine and courgette.