Pasta with Summer Vegetable Sauce   夏野菜のパスタ☆






I cooked an easy pasta and a salad for dinner today. Although I like Spaghettini best I chose Penne because I find many English people (including my husband) aren't very good at eating Spaghetti type, better to be safe.

I sauteed onion and red & yellow pepper slowly until they are nice and sweet with a little salt & pepper, added a little garlic and sateed until it looses harshness then poured a jar of passata and sprinkled a little sugar. Then sauteed zucchini, aubergine & pumpkin (I know it's not a summer vegetable but it was going to get rotten in the fridge) separately and added them to the sauce, sprinkled some chilli pepper and let them simmer a little longer. Both our nephew and his girlfriend cleaned their plate, which was good! Oh, I forgot to take a photo but I also served a small amount of Caprese to start with.

Our nephew and his girlfriend seemed to have had a nice day although they looked very hot and tired when they got back and looked fine until my husband was ready to go to bed, which is very good considering they flew in last night. They are going to Night Safari tomorrow, so they'll have a bite outside on their way tomorrow. My husband will also be out for dinner so I'll be on my own in the evening.