Napolitana??   ひとりごはん、スパゲティーナポリタン☆

今日のひとりごはんは、スパゲティーナポリタン!時々食べたくなるジャンクな味。今でも日本では喫茶店などで食べられるんでしょうか?もう、消滅してるかも?? イタリア人のお友達に言ったらきっと白い目で見られると思いますが、結構好きなのです。タバスコでピリ辛です。


I'm still alone so I'm not cooking anything proper for dinner. I made Spaghetti Napolitana in an old Japanese way (I don't even know if it still exists in Japan) - nothing like the real Italian thing. I'm not going to even tell you what goes in there because I am sure my Italian friends will disown me if they know what it is. It has been in Japan since I was very little, before Japanese discovered real Italian foods. It's one of few junk foods I love(another one would be crisps). Yum!