Stir-Frid Pork with Basil   ポークのバジル炒め☆









I find it very strange that the haze looks so much worse today but the reported PSI figure hasn't gone much higher than yesterday. It looks and smells so smokey today. As well as itchy eyes and a headache, I started having a sore throat. I so wish something was done about it!! How come these people who are doing illegal things every year can get away with it every year?

My husband just left for the airport - he is on holiday for about a week in England. He is running a half marathon in Windsor with his brother this coming Sunday. He will also be doing some family tree research in London, meeting some old friends and attending a party for our niece's 21st birthday party. Shame I didn't manage to go along with him (it's just too far to go on economy class and business class is too expensive since we are flying again later this year). Anyway, hopefully he'll have a wonderful time.

We had an early dinner so my husband can have it before leaving. Stir-Fried Mince Pork with Basil (Thai) with sunny side up egg. I forgot to blog it but the dinner on Monday was vegetables and bacon slowly steamed in their own juice.

As my husband is away until Tuesday next week I don't expect there will be any photos of my dinner, I just don't feel like cooking properly just for myself. I'll be out for lunch often enough though, I think.