Staying Home   とほほ。。。☆






Sadly, I came down with a cold yesterday (well, the night before really), just when I was thinking I hadn't had a cold for a year. I shouldn't have thought that....

My nose was completely blocked for the last couple of days so I couldn't taste anything and couldn't sleep - you know what it's like trying to sleep when your nose is blocked, I keep waking myself up by making funny noise.

I'm very sad that I had to cancel 3 lunches, I was going to see a friend who is leaving for Japan for good yesterday, and some friends that I haven't seen for months today and tomorrow.

Still, it's only a cold and this morning I'm feeling better, so hopefully I'm on the mend.

I made a card yesterday. I've already coloured and cut out many more cup cakes so I'll be making more of the similar cards. I'm sure I've seen a card similar to this on someone's blog but I cannot find it. This is a problem when I know it's not something I came up with but not really a copy, I wish I could link it to the card I vaguely remember...