Dinner on the Weekend 週末の夫ごはん☆



日曜日にマラソンがあったので、土曜日は体力温存と炭水化物摂取のために簡単パスタでした。イタリアのお友達、Letiziaさんのお料理本 『A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW」(Letizia Mattiacci』からアスパラガスのパスタ。アスパラガスの他にはガーリックと唐辛子だけのシンプルなパスタです。アスパラガスはオーブンでローストして使うのですが火が入りすぎていて少し残念でしたが、ピリ辛で美味しかったです。


昨日は、donna hay modern classic book 1 から Italian Baked Veal の仔牛をチキンに変えたもの。チキンの胸肉に生ハムを巻いて外側だけ焼き付けて、耐熱皿にトマトソースを敷きチキンを置きモッツァレラチーズののせてオーブンで焼いてあります。美味しかったです!



The dinners my husband cooked on the weekend.

Usually he cooks something simple on Sunday but this weekend he cooked pasta on Saturday because he was running a half marathon very early in the morning on Sunday and wanted to make something easy and also to take some carbohydrate for energy.

He cooked "Spaghetti With Asparagus" from our friend Letizia's cookery book "A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW" (Letizia Mattiacci). Unfortunately the asparagus had lost their flavour and texture because they were overcooked (I guess the asparagus we bought were much thinner than those in Italy) but it still tasted yummy, I love simple pasta like this. (I know asparagus isn't in season but almost all the ingredients are imported here in Singapore and we have only one season anyway so we stopped worrying about it.)

On Sunday he cooked "Baked Italian Veal" (but he used chicken breast instead) from "donna hey modern classic boook 1". The chicken was tender and the tomato sauce was nice and light, we enjoyed it very much.