Cooking Together   夫とお料理☆

週末はほとんど夫が夕食を作ってくれるのですが、時々日曜日に「ねぇ、一緒に作ってくれる?」と言われます。一緒に作るのが楽しいそうで。。。ということで、今日は一緒に作りました。とはいえ、メニューを選ぶのは夫。今日は、昨日と同じNigella Lawsonの本『Kitchen』から、パスタジェノベーゼ。すっかりお馴染みになったジェノバ風のバジルのソースとパスタを和えたものですが、じゃがいもといんげんも入ります。



My husband cooks most weekends but now and again on Sundays he asks me if I would cook with him and he wanted to cook together today, so we did. However, it's him who chooses the menu and he chose "Pasta Alla Genovese" from the same book he used yesterday - Nigella Lawson's "Kitchen" target="_blank">Kitchen".

The "Pesto" in this recipe doesn't use pine nuts or any other nuts, it uses just basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil. We wondered why but we decided to follow the recipe to see what it's like, but I would definitely prefer it with some sort of nuts, the flavour would have been deeper.

We also felt that we needed more sauce for the amount of pasta. The photo in her book shows the pasta being very green but ours didn't get as green and lacked flavour before adding extra salt. If we make it again, we will add pinenuts and make more sauce. We also didn't like the texture of the broken up potato clinging to the pasta. Although it may be the traditional way to cook pasta and potato in the same pan, we would prefer to have potato pieces to have more texture so we'll probably cook the potato separately so it's easier to control the doness of the potato. How long it takes to cook ptatoes are sometimes hard to know.