Shopping & Lunch   お買い物とランチ☆







28B Harding Road
Singapore 249549
Tel: 9070 8782

I had some shopping and lunch with a few friends today. The shopping was some silk tops from someone who sells from home - nice and light and covers the body line so I find them great for me specially in this weather. It's nice to be able to ask each other's opinion when you try something on, too.

We then had lunch at P.S.Cafe in Dempsey - it's been a while since I was there last. We took the last table and saw quite a long queue soon after we sat down - lucky! We shared 2 Club Sandwich and 2 Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich between 4 of us. Their portion is quite big so if you order just one kind you tend to get bored with the same taste. More enjoyable when you share.

It was fun to try clothes with friends and had a lovely time chatting at lunch. P.S.Cafe was as busy as ever - I like the place very much but somehow it's always extremely noisy so it's hard to chat.