Dinners on the Weekend   週末の夫ごはん☆

昨日夫が作ってくれたディナーは、Delia Smith のレシピのミートボールのパスタ。パスタはタリアテッレを使っています。元々のレシピではミートボールが大きくてフォークで切りながら食べなくてはいけないので、一口で食べられるサイズにくしてくれるように頼み一緒に丸めました。日本に住んでいた頃から作ってくれていたレシピです。





今日作ってくれたディナーは、Jamie Oliverのチキンティッカマサラ(チキンカレー)。あまり辛味はなかったですが、とても美味しかったです。元のレシピの写真を見ても水分が少なくてチキンがゴロゴロしているカレーですが、チキンの量が多いのでもう少し少なめにして水分を多くすると更に好みになりそう。




夕食が終わってからは、夫と2人でイギリス(たまにアメリカ)のドラマを1時間ほど一緒に見るのが日課になっているのですが、そうそうDVDを購入するわけにもいかず(アップルテレビで簡単に購入できるのでつい買ってしまいますが)、たまには一度見たドラマを見てみよう、ということになり、先週日曜日からイギリスのドラマ『Downton Abbey』を最初から見始めて、今日シリーズ1の最終回を見終わりました。いろいろと忘れている場面がたくさんあって興味深く、良くできたドラマなので2度目でも十分楽しめます。コスチュームも素敵ですしね。


Dinners my husband cooked this weekend.

Yesterday, he made one of his favouite recipes, Pasta with Meatballs from Delia Smith's cookery book. When you follow her recipe, the meatballs are huge and my husband has been following it (he doesn't change original recipes very often) and I've been asking him to make them much small, small enough to eat in one mouthful. Today, we rolled them together so he knows what sort of size I'm talking about. I know they take much longer to make as the size I want is probably 1/3 of the original size but it is much nicer to eat and I think my husband agrees now.

We almost always have cheese for dessert after dinner on Saturdays but we tend to buy the cheese that we know. Yesterday we bought something I don't think we've bought before. It's Langres from Champagne (D.O.P). Quite strong but very nice, we liked it.

Today, he made Jamie Oliver's Chicken Tikka Masala. I guess it's not authentic but it does have very nice flavour. As you can see from the photo of the original recipe, it is very thick and there is a lot of chicken, though. I think it would be even nicer with less chicken and more gravy.

We started watching "Downton Abbey" series 1 for the 2nd time last Sunday and finished the last episode of the series tonight. There was a lot of things we'd forgotten so it's very interesting to watch it, and as it's made well it's very enjoyable. The costume is very beautiful, too.

I've been wanting to move to a different blog site because I'd like to upload photographs in larger sizes and I have finally started to work on it with my husband's big help. I need to learn a few new things but hopefully I can start a new blog soon.

So, the weekend is gone again.