Catch-Up Lunch   キャッチアップのランチ『& Sons』☆

久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達と、ランチをご一緒してきました。お友達が日本の雑誌に載っていて気になったとおっしゃるイタリアン、『& Sons』。場所はチャイナタウンの近くなのですが、タクシーの中で久しぶりだったのでお友達とあれこれ話しているうちに着いてしまい降りたものの、場所が違っていて、しばらく迷ってやっと辿り着きました。店内の写真を撮り忘れましたが、お店はレストランというよりもパブのような雰囲気でした。














20 Cross St, 048422
Tel: 6221 3937

I had a catch-up lunch with a friend at an Italian "& Sons" near China Town. We were too busy chatting in the taxi to check if we were in the right place when the driver dropped us off and found out we were at a wrong place. We weren't too far but didn't know where exactly so it took us a while to find the place. It was more like a pub than a restaurant, I think.

We decided to choose a starter, a pasta and a main dish and share from the lunchtime menu. Roasted Vegetable Salad to start with, Penne with Pork Ragu then Pork Cutlet. Funnily, the main dish arrived first. In Singapore, people in general don't seem to care which order they serve.

The pork cutlet was very dry and didn't have any seasoning (other than lemon juice that we squeezed over). The sauteed onion was nice but not the potatoes. The Penne didn't really have "ragu" sauce, it was more like cheese sauce with some bits of slow cooked pork crumbled in the middle. Again, no flavour. The roasted vegetables were quite nice - the only one we were able to enjoy - but there wasn't much under the mountain of rocket leaves.

We ordered icecream - my friend had Baci (Hazelnut flavour) and I had Pistachio. We also had espresso each and the total bill was S$50. I must say it is very inexpensive as the portions were very large. It's a shame we didn't like the food.

I think it's more of a bar than a restaurant. If you work nearby maybe it's a nice place to stop for a drink or two and nibble something.

Still, we had a good time chatting and catching up with each other. Whether we like the place or not, it's always lovely to get together with a friend.