Nam Nam   Nam Namで平日に夫とランチ☆

今日は、夫と軽いランチをしました。日本でも香港でも夫の職場は車で2、30分のところにあり、しかも近くでランチというところもなかったのですが、シンガポールでは歩いて(夫の足でですが)12、3分の距離、しかも便利なオーチャードにあります。平日に夫とランチが出来るのが新鮮で、シンガポールにきてしばらくは夫と時々ランチをしていました。そのうちお友達とのランチが多くなり、予定のない日にわざわざ出かけるのも面倒であまりしなくなったのですが、今週はほとんど予定が入っていないので久しぶりの夫との平日ランチ。と言っても、WheelockのNam Namでさくっとですが。




I had lunch with my husband today - very unusual during the weekdays. When we moved to Singapore we did have lunch now and again during the weeks because we were never able to do so in Japan or Hong Kong because my husband's office was too far from home and they weren't in the area where you can have lunch out. It's been a while, though, since we had lunch during weekdays.

We went to Nam Nam - just a simple and quick bite really. We ordered 2 Vietnamese sandwiches (Spicy Pulled Pork and Chicken Meatballs) and shared them. We've had chicken meatball sandwiches quite a few times but it was not as nice today as in the past, probably they didn't use enough sauce, it was too bland. The pulled pork one was good, though. We also shared Vietnamese Spring Rolls (deep-fried) and they were excellent. I would have enjoyed them even more if they came with some lettuce and hers so we can wrap them, maybe we could have made a side order, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's been a long time since I had Vietnamese spring rolls and enjoyed them very much.

I also like their lime soda. I used to have lime soda often in Hong Kong but I found not many places use fresh lime here so I sort of stopped ordering. Here, they do and it's very nice although a little too sweet.