Latteria Mozzrealla Bar   モッツァレラバー☆

昨日のディナーは、Duxton Hill の『Latteria Mozzarella Bar』に行ってみました。Duxton Hill の辺りにはたくさんのレストランが並んでいて、賑やかで活気があります。 Latteria Mozzarella Bar のパティオもたくさんの人たちで賑やかでしたが、わたしたちは室内に座りました。










Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089618

Tel:6866 1988

We went to "Latteria Mozzarella Bar" in Duxton Hill. The area is full of restaurants and looks very nice in the evening with so many people enjoying the evening.

We shared the starter, aubergine cooked with tomato topped with mozzarella and pine nuts. It was OK but huge portion so we were glad we shared. My husband had sausages as the main - 3 large rolls of sausages! We would have been happier to have just 2 sausages and more vegetables on the side but it was OK. However the Penne Gratine I ordered was much too salty, even for my husband who can take much more salt than I can. We didn't have any dessert of coffee/tea as we were full. We had a carrafe of red wine and the total bill was about S$150.

The atmpshere of the patio of the restaurant was good (though we ate indoor). The food was OK except the Penne. It's one of those many restaurants in Singapore - it wasn't terrible but not good enough to want to go back.