Italian in Amanusa   アマヌサのイタリアン☆









わたしは、スパゲティーのアマトリチャーナにしたのですが、guanciale の代わりにベーコンを使うのは仕方ないとして、ベーコンが薄切りのベーコンでぶよぶよしていて(炒めていない)、ソース自体にベーコンの味が全くしません。トマトソースにベーコンの薄切りを後から足した、という味。これも、残念。







There were 2 restaurants in Amanusa, one was Italian and the other was Indonesean. We had Italian on our first night there and Indonesian on our 2nd night. The Italian restaurant was soooo dark, they bring a little light for you to read the menu because otherwise you cannot. So the photos aren't good either.

My husband had Deep-fried Zuccini Flowers Stuffed With Goat Cheese. It was on the lunch menu and not at dinner menu but they said they can make it for him. There were 4 flowers, which were too much for a starter but apparently it was a main course at lunch menu.... They were quite good, though.

I had Amanusa Salad, which was supposed to be cos lettus, baby vegetables, passion fruit, tomato (I cannot remember what kind), goat cheese & hazel nuts. (I can imagine my Italian friends thinking "is this Italian?". Not at all, is it?) We were wondering what sort of tomatoes (because we didn't know the term) but there was no tomatoes. Here we go again... I told the staff we couldn't find any tomatoes and her responce was the same as in Amankila - "Do you want tomatoes?" It's unbelievable. "I'm asking because on the menu it said it has tomatoes.". Later I realised there was no goat cheese or hazenuts either but at this stage I hadn't. The staff took the plate away and when she brought it back it had tomatoes, goat cheese and hazel nuts as well. It's a mystery why they weren't there before.... Does the chef makes it up every time?

My husband had Penne with Sausage Ragu Sauce. It wasn't "ragu" really, it was just sauteed sausage meat....

I had Spaghett Aamatriciana. I don't mind them using bacon instead of guanciale because I understand guanciale may not be available in Bali but slices of flubby bacon? I coudn't taste bacon in the sauce, it was just tomato sauce with some slices of bacon added.

The coconut ice cream and Cannoli were good.

I must say that although I like Aman Hotels, they can improve their food.