Lunch @Ippudo   一風堂でひとりランチ☆





My husband has been away on business since Tuesday. I don't think he had any business trips for the whole time I was in Japan (for 1 month) but almost as soon as I get back he goes away, funny how things often work. Maybe because I've been alone many hours a day, I felt like going out - it's very rare. I also wanted to buy some shoes before the sale finishes, so I did go out for a short time. I also don't eat anything interesting at home when I am away so I wanted a change and went to Ippudo and had Dan Dan Tonkotsu Ramen. Very good but I feel there is hardly enough noodles and thought I could have another one - is it just me?? It's too embarrassing to order 2 when even a big man is having just one bowl of noodles so I didn't and after a while my stomach felt nicely full. I guess it's better this way.

Although I didn't find the sort of shoes I was looking for, I did get a pair. Since I left Japan I stopped enjoying shopping - because I seldom find anything I want....