Dinners on the weekend    週末の夫ごはん☆





今日作ってくれたのは、お野菜のタイ風レッドカレーでした。タイ料理はバンコクで一緒に習ったことがありますが、夫が家で作るのは初めて。Donna Hayのレシピだそうですが、とても美味しかったです。入っているのは、玉ねぎ、茄子、かぼちゃ、インゲン豆。初めて挑戦したタイプのお料理で心配そうでしたが、大成功でした。


The dinners my husband made this weekend - both first time he made.

Yesterday, he cooked chicken breast coated with macadamia nuts on a bed of vegetables. Vegetables were slowly cooked onion, roasted red pepper and sauteed spinach. Chicken was very tender and the vegetables were sweet and delicious.

Today he cooke VegetableThai red curry (from Donna Hay's recipes). Although we've taken cooking lessons in Bangkok this was the first time for him to cook Thai at home so he was a little worried it may not work but it was excellent. It wasn't too heavy and was full of flavour - on a spicy side but not too extreme. The vegetables used are onion, aubergine, pumpkin and green beans. Great success!