Dinners on the weekend    週末の夫ごはん☆

3連休、土曜日に夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Delia Smithの『Spanish Pork』(スペイン風ポークの煮込み)。赤パプリカや玉ねぎ、オリーブと缶詰のトマトでポークを柔らかく煮込んでいます。結婚して間のない頃から度々登場するメニューです。(昔は日本の普通のピーマンを使っていましたが。)


日曜日に作ってくれたのもやはりDelia Smithのレシピで、西洋ねぎとベーコンが入ったパスタベイクでした。ちょっと焦げてカリっとしたところが特に美味しいのです。これもずいぶん昔から作ってくれている1品です。



It's a 3 day weekend here in Singapore. The dinner my husband cooked on Saturday was "Spanish Pork" from Delia Smith's cookery book. It's one of those recipes he's been using forever although he did make some changes to the original recipe. It's basically slow cooked pork with onion & red pepper (he used to use green as in the recipe), olives and tin tomatoes. Goes with rice nicely. Yesterday he cooked another familiar recipe from Delia's cookery book - Pasta Bake with leeks & bacon. It's always good and comforting and I particularly love the slightly burned and crispy bits.

It's a holiday here today but my husband is working this afternoon at home... This is the problem when your business is global.

Our dinner tonight is an easy one that we often have when neither of us want to cook - cheese fondue!