Card Making   ハンドメイドのカード作り☆







A friend came to make cards yesterday. I met her at a baking lesson run by Black Tea Course that I took nearly 3 years ago - I cannot believe it's been nearly 3 years!!! She had a baby about 2 years ago so we haven't been able to meet so often but we have had a few lunches and card making sessions together. She is another person who is leaving Singapore for good.

She made about 10 mini thank-you cards. It's surprising how long it takes to make such simple cards because you do need to choose paper as well as cut, paste and heat-emboss but they looked very nice and I'm glad she was able to make them in time (2 and a half hours).

After she came to make some cards for the first time (2 or 3 years ago) she bought a Big Shot (die cutting machine) and some paper, stamps etc so she also makes some cards at home and made a card for me. I haven't taken a photo of it but when I do I'll blog it.