Umbrian Cookbook  お友達のお料理本『A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW』☆

イタリアのお友達、Letizia Mattiacciさんのイタリアのウンブリアのお料理の本『A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW』が出ました!この1年ほど楽しみにしていた本です。10冊購入してお友達に貢献。




この『A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW』にはイタリア料理に大切なオリーブオイル(最近偽物が多いと問題になっていますね)やバルサミコ酢のことが詳しく書かれていますし、生パスタの作り方も写真入りで分かりやすく書かれています。パスタについても、美味しいドライパスタの選び方、パスタとソースの組み合わせ方、どうすれば美味しくパスタ料理を仕上げられるかなど細かく書かれています。また、Letiziaさん自身がグルテンをあまり摂ることが出来ないので試行錯誤を重ねて開発された、グルテンフリーのパスタやパンのレシピも。他にも美味しいレシピが一杯です。


A good friend of mine (and my husband's) in Umbria in Italy, Letizia Mattiacci, has published a cookbook "A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW" recently. She is my "Italian Cooking Guru". We bought 10 copies as a contribution and presents for our friends and they arrived this morning!!

We met Letizia in October 2008, so it's already been 6 and a half years! We took her cooking class run at their B & B in Umbria and had a great time - it was the highlight of our trip - and since then we kept in touch on emails. Her family stayed with us some years ago in Singapore, we stayed with them since and even met them in a various places in Thailand when they were on holidays.

We've been looking forward to the book to be published for a year or so since she started working on it and are so excited to get the copies. The book has a lot of information that'll help you choose ingredients for Italian cooking, making fresh pasta (it has some great photos that show how), how to finish off a pasta dish (a great trick that I don't think I've seen in many books but all the Italian people seem to do). It also has some gluten free bread and pasta recipe that Letizia developed because she has intolerance to gluten herself.

I have hundreds of Italian cookbooks but this one is very special to me. Not only because it was written by my good friend but also because it has many recipes that I don't think I have seen in any other books I have. Although Italian cuisine is so different region by region Italian cookbooks tend to have the recipes that we see often in many other books. "A KITCHEN WITH A VIEW" is concentrating on Umbrian cooking.

My husband is also very excited with the book and says he'll cook only from this book from now on. I would not go that far (because I also want to eat other cuisine!) but I'm very looking forward to trying many recipes from the book.

The book is available only on Amazon Italy at the moment as far as I know. Hopefully it'll be more widely available soon.