Chicken with Marsala Sauce   チキンの胸肉、マルサラソース☆






The dinner my husband made today was Chicken Breast with Marsala Sauce. The chicken breast was topped with some paste made of garlic, caper and parsely as well as a slice of mozzarella cheese but unfortunately most of it had fallen on the frying pan and burned. There was very small amount of the paste on the chicken breast, which was good and the sauce was very nice, too.

The photo on the book (Australian Women's Weekly) shows a chicken breast covered with a lot of the paste and the cheese. I can see that the shape of the chicken breast we had was one problem as it was far from flat, whereas the photo in the book shows the chicken breast is fairly flat. However, even when it's that shape, I do wonder if all that will stay when it's cooked for 10 minutes in a frying pan, I think it's difficult to stop the cheese falling.... I somehow feel that the chicken breast in the photo was not cooked for 10 minutes with the cheese on.

My husband mixed the cooked pasta wiith the sauce so it tasted good but in the rcipe you are also supposed to serve it as it is (just by boiling in salted water), I wonder if that would have been good.