Mushroom & Cream Sauce   パスタのマッシュルームとクリームソース☆

今日の夕食は、レシピを選んだのは夫ですが一緒に作りました。Delia Smithのレシピで、マッシュルーム、ドライポルチーニのクリームソースパスタ。



Tonight's dinner was from Delia Smith's cookery book, pasta with cream sauce of dried porcini, fresh mushrooms. My husband chose the recipe and we cooked together. It tasted very good but much too heavy for us. The recipe is an old recipe so it uses butter, flour and double cream - you can imagine how heavy. We did add some pasta water because it was much too thick but even then it was quite heavy.

These days even when the recipe uses these ingredients I use just cooking cream (no flour, no butter, no double cream) with some white wine or pasta water myself but of course my husband wanted to follow the recipe exactly. However, hopefully he'll remember about today and agree with me next time and we'll use cooking cream instead to make it lighter. It's also much easier and quicker to make that way. It tastes very good so seems a shame not to use the recipe.