Mee Goreng   ミーゴレン☆







Tonight's dinner was Mee Goren with lots of vegetables (garlic, shallots, carrot, cabbage, morning glory, green onion, red cihlli). I didn't think I was hungry because of the big lunch but somehow once I started eating I was able to enjoy it.

It was good but it could be better if we had a gas cooker. Ours is Induction Heating and it's not really good for stir-fry. The heat comes only from the bottom (although I know in Japan they have a special part that you use for a Wok and the heat does go from the side as well) so stir-frying isn't easy. I know I should cook just a small amount but it's not practical to do so for cooking for two as I want to eat at the same time as my husband and I don't like it to get cold or go soggy being kept warm. This has been the problem with cooking in our kitchen in Singapore. I do have a very good wok but cannot use it.