Catch Up Lunch   バーガー屋さんでキャッチアップ☆











丁度食べ終わってお茶を飲んでいたら、Weather-La の雨警報がなりちょっと先の空が暗くなっていたので「雨が降り出さない前に帰りましょう!」と慌てて帰宅。そんなわけで1時間半ほどのさくっとランチになってしまいましたが、結局雨が降り始めたのはつい今なので、もう少しゆっくりしても良かったかもしれません。でも、そこそこお話が出来てキャッチアップ出来たので、良かったです。

13 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674
Tel: +65 64762922

I had lunch with an Italian friend to catch up with each other. We chose "Roadhouse" in Dempsey - a burger place. You can choose things like toppings and sauces from quite a lot of choices and with a starter or dessert it's S$22 (++), which seems like a bargain in Singapore

They were filming a short programme of the restaurant while we were there and we needed to be silent for a while so they gave us tea/coffee after the lunch on the house, which was a nice gesture. We shared a starter of Caeser Salad, which was good. I enjoyed my burger but I got very full before I finished it, it is a very thick burger and very filling. For dessert we shared a chocolate brownie with a huuuge scoop of ice cream. It was much too sweet for me but my friend finished hers. I think I would enjoy a small amount with a strong cup of coffee but on its own it's too sweet and too rich.

When we finished our meal, I had a rain warning from Weather-La and it looked dark a little further away so we decided to make a move before it started raining. It didn't rain until 3.30 (which I think was different rain from the warning we had earlier) after all, so we could have spent more time together but it was lovely to catch up with each other.