Hamburg   煮込みハンバーグ☆

夫に何が食べたいか聞いたところ『ハンバーグ』とのことだったので、今日はハンバーグにしました。こういう定番のお料理はついついいろいろと変えてしまうのですが、このところ『本当においしく作れる洋食 (きちんと定番COOKING) 』の中の煮込みハンバーグの(ソースは作っていませんがハンバーグのみ)レシピで作っています。このレシピでは牛ミンチと豚ミンチ200gずつに対してソフリット(タマネギ、にんにく、セロリ)が合計300gも入るので、柔かく仕上がります。豚ミンチが多い方が柔かいのですがシンガポールの豚ミンチは臭みが気になることも多いので、半分よりやや少なめにしています。ソースは、缶詰のデミグラスソースにワインと水を加えて煮たデミグラスソースにすることもありますが、今日のようにタマネギ、茄子、赤パプリカ、黄パプリカ(おいしいズッキーニがあればズッキーニも)を入れたトマトベースのソースにすることが多いです。何かのレシピの通り作ったものでなく、適当に自作したもの。ソースは野菜がいっぱいなので毎回作りますが、ハンバーグは、多めに作って冷凍します。(今日は、冷凍してあったハンバーグを作りました。)野菜を炒めて冷ますのに時間がかかるので、多めに作って冷凍してしまうのがおすすめ。



I asked my husband what he wanted to have for dinner tonight and his answer was Hamburg Steak. It's one of "Japanese" meals that most people grew up with but in Japan it's served with demi-glace sauce. I also sometimes do but tend to cook it in a tomato base sauce with onion, red and yellow peppes and aubergine (and if there is a nice zucchini it's also good here). You can take a lot of vegetables as well this way. I don't think this sauce is from any recipe, I probably just made it up. I didn't think it this way but my husband's brother said it's like meatballs in tomato sauce and I supposed it is quite similar. Japanese Italian?? However, the one with demi-glace sauce is more like German, I think. I have had something similar in Germany once when I was young and travelling with a friend.

Because it's one of the things that we make often, I tend to change the recipe every time. However, since I used a recipe from a particular cook book (『本当においしく作れる洋食 (きちんと定番COOKING) 』), I've been follwoing this recipe. It uses 200g of mince beef, 200g of mince pork and 100g each of celery, onion & carrot as well as some spices. The unusually large ratio of the vegetables is the key to the tender texture. I use slightly less pork than beef because the pork we get here I find tend to have strong flavour and a little overwhelming.