Lovely Cafe   マーガレットリバーの感じの良いカフェ☆


この日は、滞在していたところから車で1時間ほどのところにある Busselton の『Laundry Cafe』でランチをしました。ナビで到着して車を停めた目の前にあったのですが、看板には Laundry と大きく書かれてカフェとは書かれていなかったのでクリーニング屋さんだと思い込み、通りの端まで歩いても見つからず、途中にあったお店の方に教えていただいてやっと見つけ、「な~んだ、車の目の前にあったのにね。」と大笑い。








お豆腐の天ぷら。衣が天ぷらとは違う衣だったのと油を吸ってヘビーでした。味は普通でしたが、これは次回(遠すぎて次回はなかなかないですが 笑)はオーダーしないかな。




Our 5th day in Margaret River, the 15th July, was my husband's birthday. As all we were going to be doing on our 6th day was driving to the airport then flying back to Singapore, this 5th day was our last proper day in Margaret River.

We drove to a place called Busselton, about an hour's drive from where we were staying, and had lunch in a cafe called The Laundry Cafe and I think, of all the restaurants/cafes we've been to in the Margaret River region, this was my favaourite place.

It was a very narrow and long cafe, which reminded me of those converted shop houses in Singapore. The staff was very friendly and there was nice vibe. They suggest people to order a few plates and share - which is normal in Asia but I don't think it is in most western countries, at least not until recently.

We had Liver Pate (it was mild enough for me to be able to have, especially with the truffle flavoured gelatine), Beef Carpaccio, Falafel and Tofu Tempura. I wasn't keen on Tofu Tempura (the batter wasn't really what we Japanese call Tempura, and it was a bit heavy with oil) but all the others were very tasty. It was one of those cafes that I wish we had where we live. We'll certainly go back if we go back to Margaret River.

One funny thing is that it took us a while to find the place. We used our Navi for getting there, parked the car and tried to find the place but couldn't find it. My husband somehow didn't remember the name and we were just looking for a cafe on no.43 on the street. We walked until the end of the street and we couldn't find it so I asked someone and went back - and the cafe was right in front of our car! As the sign said "Laundry" and it didn't look like a cafe when you look quickly - we thought it was a sign for a real "Laundry".