Japanese Curry   日本のビーフカレー☆






1) すね肉を大きめのキューブに切ってさっと焼き、ブランデーとポートワインを入れてアルコールを飛ばし、お水を加えてフォンドボーのキューブ1つとブーケガルニを加えて沸騰させる。

2) フライパンでタマネギをキャラメライズするまで(茶色くとろとろになるまでは炒めていず、全体に良い色がついて柔らかくなって甘みが出るまで)炒め、人参とセロリのスライスと一緒にすね肉に加え、160度のオーブンで2時間強煮る。(すね肉が大体柔らかくなるまで。)

3) 野菜とすね肉を分け、野菜はフードプロセッサーにかける。

4) すね肉とスープに乱切りの人参を加えて人参が柔らかくなるまで15分ほど煮てから、大きめの角切りのジャガイモを加え、更に煮る。

5) ジャガイモにほぼ火が通ったら一旦火を止めてカレーのルーを加える(数種類混ぜる)。

6) 煮込むときにトマトを入れ忘れたので、トマトペーストとケチャップを少量加える。

7) フードプロセッサーにかけた野菜も加える。

8) ガラムマサラを加える。

9) 味見をして少し甘みが足りないようならリンゴの擂り下ろしやジャムなど加える。(今日は、ビーチのプリザーブを加えました。)辛みが足りなければ、チリパウダーを加える。




Both my husband and I love both Indian curry and Japanese curry. When we lived in Japan, I often cooked Indian style curry because we were able to have Japanese curry when we went out, but I now seem to cook Japanese curry more often here in Singapore because you can have proper Indian curry here.

When I make Japanese curry, I tend to "experiment" every time, so end result is different every time.

Today, I cooked beef curry - it's sort of a typical Japanese curry.

My recipe for today's Beef Curry.

1) Cut shin of beef in large cubes, sautee in a heavy pot so outside is sealed.

2) Pour some brandy and port in, deglase the pan and let the alcohol evaporate, add water and let it come to boil.

3) Fry onion in a frying pan until caramelise and add it to the beef with some sliced carrots and celery.

4) Put it in the oven at 160C and slow-cook the beef for 2 hours or until the beef is tender.

5) Separate the vegetables, beef & soup.

6) Put the vegetables in a food processor (with a little soup if necessary).

7) Add newly cut carrot in the beef and soup, cook until carrot is more or less cooked.

8) Add potato and cook until potato is tender.

9) Turn the heat off, add Japanese curry roux ( mix a few different brands) until it's the taste and consistency you like.

10) Then I remembered I forgot to add tomato with the beef so I added some tomato paste and a little tomato ketchup.

11) Taste it and if it needs some heat add some chilli pepper powder, if it needs some sweetness add something sweet (I added some Peach Preserve).

12) Add some gram masala, check the seasoning again.

* I don't know how but today I forgot to add garlic and ginger when I sauteed beef and also tomato when I cooked beef. It needs some acidity so I added tomato paste later.