Watercolour   水彩画にトライ☆

昨日、夫が夕食を作ってくれている間に、『Watercolor for Card Makers(カード作りのための水彩画)』のビデオを見ながら、スタンプを教えて水彩画を描くという方法でポピーの絵を書いてみました。このところカードの世界で水彩画や水彩画風のカードが流行っていて、絵が描けない人も水彩画風のカードが作れるようにいろいろな方法を教えてくれる、というオンラインのクラスで、この絵はスタンプを押したあと、Distress Inkで塗っています。

My Favorite Things のPRETTY POPPIES


Watercolour or Watercolour-look has been very popular in the card making world so I'm taking this Online Class "Watercolor for Card Makers", which gives us a lot of ideas how to achieve the look without necessarily having the artistic talent.

For this card, I used

My Favorite Things's PRETTY POPPIES
. As they are not outline stamps but solid stamps, it was not possible to make some parts very light. I first tried to use a very light colour for stamping the images but they did not stamp well so I had to use darker colour. Although I used water and tried to lift the colour so some parts will get lighter it didn't lift much colour and I just had to give up and use darker colours where it was dark. It looks a bit flat for this reason. I probably over-worked, too.

However, for someone who cannot draw anything and is not artistic, it came out quite nice and I'm pleased with the result. The photograph doesn't seem to show the colours very well, they are prettier in real life.