White Asparagus   ホワイトアスパラガス☆


去年買って美味しかったので、今年も Huber's でホワイトアスパラガスを買いました。ピーラーで皮を剥いて蒸し器で蒸してポーチドエッグをのせて、迷いましたがやはり少しドレッシングもかけて、ポーチドエッグにはトリュフソルトをぱらぱらっと。






It's the season for white asparagus. When my husband and I had a few days in Germany many many years ago, I remember it was May and wherever we went we saw white asparagus. In Singapore we can get them in Huber's this time of year, too. When we were in the UK the past couple of weeks, I was expecting to see them in restaurants but we never did - they use green asparagus a lot but not white. We did see them in Borough Market in London, but I expected them to be on restaurant menus. It seems strange, as they grow in England I would have thought they'd grow white ones more commonly, too.

I've had them quite a few times over the years, but I really enjoyed them last year when I cooked them myself for the first time, I like them with more texture than being completely soft. Today, I put a poached egg on top, with a drizzle of simply made salad dressing and truffle salt on top of each poached egg.

As poached egg is quite heavy on the stomach, we just had carrot soup to follow. I made the soup with just onion, carrot, a little olive oil and butter and some vegetable soup stock - no milk or cream. Although I like this sort of soup with milk or cream as well, I like it even more without because when you add milk or cream all soups seem to taste very similar and I cannot taste the vegetables very strongly.