Rape Fields   菜の花畑☆

昨日はデヴォン州からオックスフォード州のコッツウォルズへの移動日でした。コッツウォルズの Chipping Norton というところのコテッジを数日借りています。予定通り午後4時頃に着いて荷物を運び入れてお茶の用意をしているところにお友達ご夫婦も到着されました。香港でよく泊めていただいていた親しいお友達ご夫婦が昨年末に引退されてイギリスに帰国されて今はこちらにチチェスターの近くにお住まいですが、わたしたちが借りているコテッジには3つベッドルームがあるので木曜日の朝まで遊びに来ていただいています。






Yesterday, we drove from Devon to the Cotswolds, where we are renting a cottage for a few days. We arrived around 4.00pm at the cottage as planned and our friend couple arrived a half an hour or so later. They are the friends we had in Hong Kong and put us (specially me) up often but they retired to England at the end of last year. As the cottage we are renting has 3 bedrooms we asked them if they would like to join us and they did.

We are having a lovely time together from morning to night so I haven't had time to write my blog. In Singapore I would be up until much later but I get sleepy much earlier here. As soon as I find more time I'll write more about our time in the Cotswolds but for now I'll post a few photos of rape fields - not good photos as they are taken with an iPhone from a moving car, but they are one of the plants in England that are in full bloom right now. Very bright yellow.