Catching Up with Dear Old Friends    長年の友人との嬉しい再会☆

昔々、イギリスのエクセターという街に留学したときにお世話になったホストファミリーのお父さんは何年か前に亡くなってしまったのですがお母さん(イギリスのお母さんと呼んでいます)とは今も親しくおつきあいが続いていて、本当の家族のように思っています。また、エクセターの学校で最初のクラスの担当だった先生(しばらく前に引退されています)ともずっとおつきあいが続いています。どちらとも、30年以上のおつきあい。夫がネット検索して良さそうだった『The Manor Inn』に予約を入れてそのお2人とパブでランチをしてきましたが、わたしたちの銀婚式のお祝いにと、今日のランチはお2人がご馳走してくださいました。








The Manor Inn Restaurant & Pub
Lower Ashton
Nr Exeter
Devon EX6 7QL

Tel : 01647 252 304


More than 30 years ago, I stayed with a host family in Exeter when I came there to learn English. The host father passed away some years ago but we are still keeping in touch with the host mother (I call her "English Mum"). We also kept in touch with my first teacher in Exeter (who is now retired) so we had lunch with both today in a pub "The Manor Inn Restaurant & Pub".

My husband and my English Mum had Roast Beef and my former teacher and I had Roast Pork. Both came with roast potatoes, boiled vegetables and Yorkshire Pudding and the beef came with horseradish and the pork came with apple sauce.

If they claimed to be a "fine dining" restaurant, I would have said that the potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings were a bit burned and the Creme Caramel were more like Caramel Pudding with crunch topping but as a pub lunch it was lovely and the staff were very nice.

It was wonderful to catch up with our long-time friends. My English Mum has been having various health issues but it was lovely to see her looking well. My former teacher also seemed well and happy. Although we cannot see them every year, we do see them every 2 years or so and they don't seem to change much. We didn't have much time but at least we saw them - hopefully we can spend more time next time when we come to England.