Thai Spicy Noodles   タイ風スパイシー焼きそば☆






When I lived Hong Kong Japan, I took a Thai cooking course with a friend who had lived in Bangkok for many years before coming to Hong Kong. I guess I took 7 or 8 lessons and we learned 3 dishes in each lesson so I have quite a lot of recipes but I seem to repeat the same set of recipes almost every time.

Today, I decided to try one of the recipes I learned in that cooking class that I never tried alone - Thai Spicy Noodles. The noodles are supposed to be flat rice noodles but I used the dried noodles I use for Mee Groen. It worked well and we really enjoyed it although it was a little too spicy. I used only 1 small chilli (as well as1 large mild one) but I guess I smashed it too much, next time I'll bruse it less so it won't be as spicy. It did taste great, though.