Birthday Cake   遅ればせながら、のバースデーケーキ☆




My birthday was early October but a friend of mine, who teaches French baking, gave me "a voucher for a birthday cake" inside the birthday card that she made for me. A whole cake is usually too much for my husband and I on our own, and I would hate to waste it, so I was waiting for a good opportunity to redeem it. As we were invited to a dinner party on Saturday, I asked her if she can make one that I could take with me because my friend who invited us loves cakes.

She made this cake "Opera". She says it's easy to make it but I don't think it really can be! The photo doesn't show it so well but the top of the cake was very smooth and shiny, it looked beautiful. It of course was delicious and we enjoyed it with a satisfactory sigh.