Cooking with a Friend (6)   お友達とお料理(6) パスタベイク☆


少し遡りますが、お友達のオリーブをミルに持って行った日、朝11時頃からパスタベイク(Pasta al Forno)を作りました。土曜日に伺う予定のオリーブオイル収穫祭のイベントに持って行くためのもので、大きなアルミのベイキングディッシュに2つ分、たぶんしっかり食べても12人分ぐらいはありました。事前に作れるので、ポットラックパーティーにも良さそうです。




ズッキーニはオリーブオイルで炒めてフードプロセッサーにかけました。ズッキーニを炒めてパスタを茹でている間に、わたしはベシャメルソース作りとハムを刻むのを担当。全部出来上がったら、容器にパスタを入れ、ベシャメルソースとズッキーニを合わせたものを全部のパスタと混ぜます。Letiziaさんの白いラザニアのレシピと同じで、ラザニアの代わりにリガトーニ(? チューブ状の大きめのパスタ)を使いました。(Letiziaさんは電子レンジを使ってベシャメルソースを作られるのですが、わたしは普通にお鍋と火で。。。)






*レシピはLetiziaさんの白いラザニアのレシピと同じで、ラザニアの代わりにリガトーニ(? チューブ状の大きめのパスタ)を使いました。



The last thing Letizia showed me how to cook was a pasta bake "Pasta al Forno" on our 4th day before lunch. We made it so we can take it to the Olive Oil Festival we were going to on Saturday.

I kept looking through my photos I took on holidays but there are only a few photos of this session. I guess I was too busy cooking to take many. There was only a photo of zucchini in a frying pan (it's not really necessary, is it?) and a photo of Letiza's hand mixing pasta with the sauce. They don't help me remembering the recipe at all!! Fortunately, the recipe is the same as Letizia's White Lasagne's recipe except that we used medium size tube shaped pasta.

First we sauteed zucchini (chopped about 2cm cubes) in olive oil. Then we put it in a food processor to mince it. While Letizia was doing that and cooking the pasta, I made a Bechamel sauce (Letizia makes it using the microwave and the recipe is here, I tried that recipe but found it more work because you have to keep checking it, so I made it in the old-fashioned way). Then, we mixed the cooked pasta with the bechamel sauce and zucchini mixture. In a baking dish, we put 1/3 of the pasta with the sauce mixture, scatted some sliced mozzarella, grated Parmesan cheese and chopped ham. We repeated this 3 times to get three dishes full (this was for the Olive party) and then cooked it in the oven sort of halfway through. (We added some cut tomatoes on one of them, too.) After we let them cool, they were covered and put in the fridge. When we got to the party they were put it in the oven and cooked until golden and hot.

The last photo is the chestnuts that Letizia bought and cooked for us because it's the season and is very Umbria. So sweet of her.