Cooking Class in Italy   イタリアでお料理教室☆






* 洋梨とリコッタチーズ、蜂蜜のラビオリ
* Letiziaさんのサルティンボッカ
* リコッタチーズとオレンジ、チョコレートのクロスタータ(パイ)



Yesterday, we took the olives that our friends (and us) picked to the mill for making olive oil - it's a shame that it won't be ready in tins for us to take home but we'll be looking forward to receiving some in Singapore soon. I'll post more about the mills (we visited a couple of mills after the one they use) soon.

Today, Letizia run a cooking class so I helped her a little with preparation and my husband and I joined the class. We made:

* Pear, Ricotta Cheese & Honey Ravioli
* Letizia's Saltin Bocca
* Crostini of Rocotta Cheese, Chocolate & Orange

We have an early start tomorrow so I'll write about the class with more photos when I get back to Singapore. We are joining our friends for Olive Oil Festival tomorrow morning, which includes lunch and we'll drive to Rome later in the afternoon so we can have a night at Airport Hotel in Rome for our early flight on Sunday morning.