Cooking Class in Tuscany   トスカーナでお料理教室☆

昨日は、予約を入れていたお料理教室に夫と2人で行って来ました。写真がたくさんあってラップトップでは編集が面倒なので詳細はシンガポールに戻ってからアップしますが、予約したのはフードブロガー(best food blogger of Italy)でお料理本も出されているGiulia Scarpaleggiaさんのお家でのレッスンです。お友達でビジネスパートナーの女性もご一緒でした。



Yesterday, my husband and I took a cooking class with "Giulia Scarpaleggia", who is a food blogger (has just been voted for the best food blogger of Italy) and an author of some cookery books. There are too many photos to edit so I won't blog all the photos now, but we had fun cooking for a few hours. We started cooking a little after 10.30 and I guess we finished cooking around 1.30pm, then had lunch with Giulia and her friend/business partner.

The style of the cooking class was different from any cooking class I've taken before. Giulia puts all the ingredients on the table and tells us what we do with them, she basically just explains what to do and doesn't do actual cooking. She did cook the pasta after we'd made it, and plated the things we had cooked, but almost all the actual cooking (from washing and peeling vegetables to chopping, mixing etc etc) was done by my husband and I. Both of us enjoyed cooking together chatting with Giulia and her friend and having the (big!) lunch afterwards. The photo shows all the pici (fresh pasta in the region) we made.