Tonkatsu   とんかつ☆









Today's dinner was Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork). I made 3 kinds, one is thinly sliced pork sandwiched with a shiso leaf (steak leaf) and rolled, one is fillet of chicken pounded until very thin, layered with a shiso and rolled, the last is just thick slices of pork fillet.

They are all dipped in flour, egg wash then Japanese bread crumb, then deep-fried until done and crispy.

I'm not good at deep-frying, I manage but am never comfortable or confident. It was OK except the pork fillet tasted a little gamey. I cannot find good pork fillet in Singapore yet

It has rained a few times a day almost every day in the last one and a half months or so and we had heavy rain early evening today as well. My husband spotted a rainbow after it had stopped raining. It was actually still quite gray beyond the rainbow but I edited the colour so it looks blue using Photoshop Elements as the rainbow didn't look very nice with gray behind it.

Seeing a rainbow always makes you feel lucky.