Summer Card Camp サマー・カード・キャンプ 1週目(3)☆

1ヶ月参加しているオンラインのサマー・カード・キャンプ、金曜日はアップされた中から先生お2人が選ばれたカードの発表以外に、6つのカラーコンビネーションの提案もありました。その中の1つを使って、カードを作ってみました。デザインは、Soapbox CreationsのLaurieさんのこのカード(2枚目)から。




On Friday, in the Summer Card Camp I'm participating to, as well as the announcement of 12 cards picked from all the student's cards by the 2 teachers, there were 6 colour combinations suggested. I took one of them and made a card. The desgine is a take-on this card in Soapbox Creations. I took the first colour combo. The ribbon looks white on the photo but it's actually light cream colour. The cream I coloured with copic marker on the half-circles came up a little darker than I wanted (it's not as dark as it looks on the photo, though) but the best I could do as I don't have the right colour in my Copic marker collection. My husband and friends wouldn't believe me that I still need more colours!